Credit Paradigms

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I. Step By Step


II. Credit Paradigms


Getting Started

  • Begin to pull (Free Strategy) all three of your credit reports AND scores.


Triage Report..Duplicate Accounts

  • Why & how to opt out of pre-screened  credit offers
  • How to triage your credit reports. Learn which accounts to attack first & why.
  • Learn how duplicate accounts occur & how to use it to your advantage.


Negative Accounts..Goodwill

  • Begin level II triage on your credit report
  • How to use the Goodwill Strategy to remove negative marks.
  • Get inquiries off your record.


Jedi Debt Validation

  • Discover the secrets known only by insiders to get the upper hand on collection agencies.
  • Special Letter that stops all harassing calls at work &/or home.
  • Is the debt ‘spoiled‘ & past its expiration date?  If so, there may be little they can do to make you pay.
  • Jedi Validation Method.  Places the burden of proof on the debt collector.
  • IF & WHEN, ALL burdens of proof have been met, a payment for deletion strategy may be in order.


Dealing With Public Records

  • The technique some attorneys charge as much as $1500 or
    more to get foreclosures, bankruptcies, etc. removed. Secret phrase is..shhh (Verification Method)


Legal Blitz

  • What to do when you’re not getting the remedy afforded to
    you via rules, regulation, etc.?
  • You initiate a Legal Blitz
    strategy to bring more powerful entities to your aid.


Credit Acceleration

  • This is the last video, but the strategies can be implemented
    simultaneously while dealing with other credit issues.
  • Here you learn about the 5 factors that determine your score, and how to legally manipulate them.




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