Credit Karma Answers: How do you remove a hard inquiry from your credit report?

You asked, Credit Karma answers! Here are tips on how to remove a hard inquiry from your credit report, and info on how hard inquiries affect your credit score.

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  • htdifinancial says:

    Pretty easy to understand explanation. So many myths out there, though.

  • nunu10000 says:


  • CreditKarma says:

    @TheDailyDollar Thanks! Appreciate your support. Always open to hearing feedback on all sides.

  • TheDailyDollar says:

    Have to agree with CK on this one.  Anyone that says you can lawfully remove legitimate hard inquiries is probably a credit repair scam artist. Trust the experts.

  • CreditKarma says:

    @dfonticiell Not sure what the “proven” method is. From our experience around credit bureaus, hard inquiries are removable when they are disputed and recognized as an error or mistake on a consumer’s credit report. Otherwise, they remain on a credit report for two years.

  • dfonticiell says:

    Not talking about that type of b. The only ones that you can’t get rid of are the experian ones. For all others there is a proven method.

  • CreditKarma says:

    While Regulation B might work in some circumstances, it isn’t a guaranteed way to remove hard inquiries and can only be invoked if you were denied on a credit application. Applying for credit, whether or not you are turned down on an application, will result in a hard inquiry. Only hard inquiries that you didn’t authorize, that are a mistake on your credit report or a case of fraud, can be lawfully disputed and removed from your credit report. Thanks for commenting; we appreciate the feedback.

  • dfonticiell says:

    This is bullshit. Go to credit and you will be able to find how to remove them. Check b*

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