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Credit Repair Attorney – Why I Decided to Hire One

to Clear My Credit


The choice I had to make wasn’t easy. Hire a credit repair attorney or continue to do it myself? I had been working on my credit for about a year and I had made some progress. I had accounts removed and other accounts, at the very least reporting correctly. I did see a significant increase in my credit score from my efforts but I was still a long way from the 720 I was trying to get too.

This in itself had been an accomplishment and if I was more complacent I would have said it was good enough. I had already taken my credit score from 511 that I started at to 621. Nothing to complain about there, I was simply having a hard time with a couple of accounts where I had higher balances when the account went bad. I was considering a credit repair attorney to see if they could eliminate most of that debt and allow me to pay pennies on the dollar, preferably.

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Credit Repair Attorney Advice Secrets

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