Financial Education Video – Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki “The Power of Debt”

A financial education video with Trump and Kiyosaki

Here’s your chance to listen in on their conversation and hear straight talk on how they learned to rise above tough times…and how you can too.

Trump and Kiyosaki talk about the power of debt. They discuss how in today’s economy debt can be a double edged sword. the more debt you procure the more financial education someone may need to manage it.

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  • sosoayobys711 says:

    wheres the volume man?

  • newguy33X says:

    P.S. It’s : “errrm yeah but they’re both really rich and your’re not. So, you must be right about how to get rich and these rich guys must be wrong about how to get rich.” And many, many people who ARE rich will see/spot/judge you by the difference between good and bad grammar.

  • newguy33X says:

    many, many “slumlord” properties. He could EASILY risk going personally bankrupt (then and now) because his father had a fixed income off of hundreds of tenants and he’s now got a corporation. Think of the people who got screwed over when he did go bankrupt in company name only. He doesn’t know what it is to see a cheap flight at $500 and consider it over a business flight or a $10,000 first class flight. If you have millionaire parents, hats off to your head start.

  • newguy33X says:

    Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. I’ve read his books. They’re tripe. You can distill the good advice down to about 1.5 pages per book. The rest is bragging. No, I’m not rich. That doesn’t mean I don’t know what to do if I have less than $10,000 to my name, or if I have $10,000-$50,000…Trump’s first big conquest was to renovate a building in New York. He also joined a businessman’s club…both things he couldn’t have done if his father didn’t have…

  • Kaybsoul says:

    well said.

  • Kaybsoul says:

    errrm yer but there both really rich? And your not! so you must be right about how to get rich, and these rich guys must be wrong about how to get rich.

  • Kaybsoul says:

    your a fool if you think that, have you ever done the maths on debt vs income, income wins sometimes, and sometimes is all you need, you just need to be smart enought to see when/where ”sometimes” is. Work that out, and you can start to multiply your money for ever. Those who are not smart enough, going around bad mouthing this stuff cus ur too dumb to work this shit out so it must be a lie! (in ur eyes)

  • anxietyawaynow says:

    just stopping by

  • anxietyawaynow says:

    Cool videos, keep posting more…

  • AntiSchiff says:

    What loser idiots.

    Anyone who can earn a rate of return on money is better off spending as little of it as possible, at least financially. There is a concept known as opportunity costs.

    Anyone with any kind of surplus income, that is income above that needed to meet their basic needs, should live below their means. It will almost always be their only hope of building wealth.

  • sambrown18 says:

    Hes basically saying the same shit over and over, this is a good way to lose money if you are listening to this shit. Kiyosaki doesnt even make his money from real estate, its from selling this bullshit and people who are lapping it up as “wisdom”

  • newguy33X says:

    Just some mixed-message spouting off by a guy who was definitely born into money and could just as easily be bankrupt as rich at any given time and another who gives a few easy answers. Any of their books could be distilled down to a few pages each, if you want to skip the fluff.

  • newguy33X says:

    At any given time, only Trump knows if he’s really ahead or behind. He puts up the same front no matter what, and people (including his creditors) eat it up.

  • societytravels says:

    A conversation like this needs to be covered in High School and Colleges.

  • vincentdsouza10 says:

    Respond to this video…
    If one listens to the experiences of successful people, sooner or later you will start achieving success.

  • vincentdsouza10 says:

    These guys are multimillionaires / billionaires, so it should make sense to listen to them unless you want to be broke or average.
    If you want to be average, why waste your time listening to these geniuses on youtube, go watch TV 🙁

  • Apostle0fLove says:

    these guys arent arrogant, they are like sponges… soaking up everything….. I like how they are living off biblical principals of success…. I wonder if they know..?..

  • val5214 says:

    far away from reality . .. hard to say at this point, however I have read one of their many books and watched this so far and I am already tired of these empty ‘lessons’ that are given. They are filled with the usual corporate- inspirational catch-phrases, buzz words, anecdotal stories, and painting everything with a broad brush(probably to keep from being sued or nailed in the media for bad advice/info). 0ne was born in the right family, one gambled and got lucky, thats all.

  • laurawilsonsinger says:

    They are totally in touch with reality, what planet are you on croemar?!

  • Keismo says:

    The both of them are realists who took advantage of a tool properly without abusing it. They are not far from reality because the results they produce are realistic. Likewise it is inappropriate to label them “far from reality”

  • croemar says:

    They are so far away from reality. Both of them.

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