Financial Education Video – Robert Kiyosaki’s New, Rich Dad Site Helps Boost Financial Literacy

Boost your financial education with Kim and Robert Kiyosaki on their new site for The Rich Dad Company at

Want to learn more about financial education?

For over 15 years the Rich Dad company has provided financial literacy tools to help people throughout the world get out of the rat race.

Though the delivery method has moved from books to TV and from the Internet to eBooks, the message has stayed the same.

This dynamic animation was developed for the release of the new, The project showcases the fresh, new look with a dynamic visual style that helps display new features available to community members.

By increasing your financial literacy, you can take control of your finances and your future. Check out the site for free information, insights and more.

A Financial Education from Two Dads.
One Rich. One Poor.

The philosophy of Rich Dad was built from a simple lesson learned by Robert Kiyosaki at an early age. He had two dads — one rich and one poor.

Robert’s poor dad, his natural father, was highly educated, the head of the Hawaiian school system, and enjoyed a decent salary. Yet, he constantly complained about having being broke and continually said, “I can’t afford it.”

Robert’s rich dad, his best friend’s father, was a high-school dropout building a business. He wasn’t wealthy. Yet, he constantly enjoyed the finer things in life and always asked, “How can I afford it?”

The contrast between Robert’s two dads taught him a great lesson. Robert realized his poor dad’s outlook suppressed his dreams and closed his mind to the possibility of financial freedom. He died penniless and full of regret.

His rich dad’s outlook elevated his dreams and opened his mind to life’s possibilities. He achieved great wealth, financial freedom, and enjoyed life to the fullest.

Both were good and highly capable men. But only one lived richly.
Financial Literacy is The Key to the Rich Life.

The philosophy of Rich Dad was built from a simple lesson learned by Robert Kiyosaki at an early age. He had two dads — one rich and one poor.

Throughout his life, Robert’s rich dad taught him many valuable, financial lessons. Sometimes Robert listened. Sometimes he had to learn the hard way. But by applying these lessons, Robert became financially-free and retired.

However, Robert wasn’t content with retirement. Fueled by the passion to share his financial wisdom with others, Robert created his board game, CASHFLOW®, based on his belief that people learn best through simulation. In 1997, he wrote “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and the rest was history. The book is the best-selling, personal finance book of all time, and it gave Robert the opportunity to teach valuable, financial lessons to a worldwide audience.

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