Financial Literacy Video: How to Raise Capital: The #1 Skill of an Entrepreneur

Learn about financial education and financial literacy here.

Money capital is the lifeblood of every investment. Without capital, there can be no product, no property, no sales, no cash flow. Check out Roberts video about his experiences raising capital for his first entrepreneurial venture.

During this one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-repeated 3-day event with Robert Kiyosaki and his advisers you will learn:

* Robert’s experiences raising capital
* Why raising capital is the #1 skill of an entrepreneur
* How you can develop this skill to benefit your business and real estate investing

Whether your current or future investments involve business or real estate, raising capital is vital to keeping your investments alive and producing cash flow. Robert and his advisors are experts in this important skill who practice what they preach and will share with you their knowledge gleaned from years of real-life entrepreneurship and investment experience.

To help boost your financial literacy, visit

American Consumer Credit Counseling Offers Five Things to Know About Credit

National nonprofit ACCC provides consumers with important information about credit during National Credit Awareness month this October

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American Consumer Credit Counseling Provides the Top Three Ways Money Matters...

With frequent arguments about finances being a predictor of divorce, national nonprofit ACCC provides couples with smart financial advice

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Delivery and Logistics Company to Automate Sage 100 ERP Accounts Receivable f...

Today e2b teknologies, publisher of Anytime Collect A/R management software announced a new customer has chosen Anytime Collect to automate Sage 100 ERP accounts receivable.

(PRWeb September 24, 2015)

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  • alananachmani says:


    What if I want to start out small, but then transform into a larger different business? Wouldn’t I need to follow your plan anyway? It is just that I am filled with lots of creative, yet varying ideas.


    Alana -aka- Miss Nz Classroom

  • rockman2561 says:

    What are the fundamentals of a good business then?

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