Authorized User on Credit Card Can Help a Person with Bad Credit

Miami, FL (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

They say it takes years to build good habits and only a few moments to break them. It is much easier to break a good habit than it is to develop one. And it takes a huge effort to eliminate bad habits, such as running up credit. This is why many people get caught in the bad credit trap and find it impossible to get out. The biggest problem is finding an opportunity through which to build good credit. Unfortunately, for most individuals who have bad credit reports, it is impossible to get any creditor to give them credit, so they have no opportunity to start paying it back responsibly. Furthermore, it is difficult to get good, comprehensive advice on bad credit repair.

Kotel Finance, a company with expert advisors who specialize in teaching individuals how to clean bad credit, announces the latest legal and simple way to build good credit – through holding a joint credit card. Kotel Finance now offers a service that allows adding an authorized user with bad credit to another person’s credit line, such as a friend or family member, who has good credit and is prepared to help.

Being an authorized user on credit card will help the person with bad credit to show that they can responsibly pay back borrowed money. Every prompt repayment will be reported as an example of good behavior. Of course, this is not as easy as it sounds. The reason individuals get bad credit in the first place is because they got into the habit of avoiding payment. Unless their situation has changed considerably, and they have the means to make timely payments, they will have to be extremely disciplined not to charge any large expenses to the credit card that they don’t have the ability to pay off immediately.

This is, most likely, the reason they got a bad credit report in the first place, and why they have started to look for credit repair companies and to seek expert advice from them. It is great comfort to people who have started to believe they will never have the opportunity to turn their lives around, to find help. Kotel Finance advisors help people in every way. Fixing bad credit starts with challenging a credit report and ensuring there are no errors. This is a vital step in the procedure because it ensures that there are no inaccurate entries on the report that are bringing the credit score down lower than it should be. People who suffer the humiliation and inconvenience of having a bad credit report will experience huge relief when they realize that there are ways out of their situation.

About Kotel Finance: Kotel Finance is a company specializing in credit repair Miami with expert advisors available to teach people the skills to get away from their bad credit history and build for change. For more information call 305 712 2060 or visit

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