“Be Gone As Fast As You Can” Dave Ramsey Review

Review of  2-8-12 question and answer.

I personally think that if they’re in a great position, at least they have an option.  A lot of people are without a job, but I do understand their situation.  At what point is the pursuit of money worth your more than your time.  Time with your family.  Time to even enjoy the fruits of your labor.

So, in this instance, I agree with Dave.


Question: Jessica in Nashville says her husband works two hours away from home. He gets up at 3 a.m. and gets home at 7 p.m. They have an opportunity to live with Jessica’s parents for a while, which would put them closer to his job. He makes $95,000 a year. They have a fully funded emergency fund. Dave tells Jessica they need to sell the house and move.

Dave Ramsey’s advice: Why don’t you sell your house and move? Why don’t you move where he works? Come up with the money. Sell the house. I’m driving two hours to work about one time, and then I’m done with this whole deal. And no, moving in with your mom an hour away isn’t any better. Sell it and get a rental in the area where he works as soon as you can. You guys don’t have a life. I hear a little baby in the background, and this poor guy just lives on the road. Your quality of life is horrible in this situation. I would just be taking drastic action to get rid of this drastic situation as fast as I drastically could.

I live seven minutes from my work. You people who do two-hour commutes—I can’t even grasp the idea. Jessica, I would be gone as fast as I could be gone. Get that house on the market. Get it sold. Write a check. Get your life back. You’re making $95,000. You can rebuild—rebuild the emergency fund, get you a little rental, be able to see your husband. He’ll actually be awake when he’s at home. What a great man, though. For a guy to be willing to do that … A lot of people sitting at home would go, “I can’t find a job.” This guy takes the job. He just busts into it doing what it takes to feed his family. That’s the sign of a great guy right there.

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