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The line between a legitimate credit repair service and a scam is sometimes confusing, but it’s high time borrowers had the tools to tell the difference. It’s in the details, of course, and has come up with a critical how-to guide for recognizing these factors — it’s a crucial document for every borrower’s secure credit future.

Apollo Beach, FL (PRWEB) August 06, 2013

by Dan Wesley

It’s when people are desperate that the scammers hit hardest. Credit repair predators aim for the vulnerable, the just-out-of-work, the victims of a disaster, folks confronted by illness — the list goes on.

When it comes to defending against the damage a credit repair scam can do, consumers need all the advice they can get. To help make sure that happens, has pulled together a trove of resources to help repair-minded borrowers avoid the kind of quick-fix lies that lead to the worst outcomes.

From warning signs to how to recognize legitimate resources, this all-in-one guide shines a light on how to approach credit repair sensibly.

  • The worst kind of promises: how credit repair scams convince even smart people that bad credit or bankruptcy can be “erased” from their record.
  • The pitfalls of’ “credit profile numbers”. How scammers promote bad advice about EINs and other details of identity. How this can lead to fraud and legal hot water.
  • Getting proactive: How the Credit Repair Organization Act works to protect consumers, and what to demand of a credit repair service, every time.
  • Alternatives to credit repair: Ways to restore a rough credit history, minus the dangers.

While a quick fix might seem like an attractive route,’s new guide teaches the steps that will help borrowers better manage expectations. It’s not only a how-to for not getting burned, it’s a refresher course on the realities of good credit repair. Fixing credit problems can take some time, and a lot of good sense, but it costs a lot less than the damage done a bad plan and an unscrupulous service.

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