Complete Auto Loans Creates Credit Repair Guide | Birmingham, AL

Portland, OR (PRWEB) December 12, 2013

According to a recent study in the Wall Street Journal, more Americans are utilizing credit than ever before, and interest rates are at their lowest point in the last 5 years. Unfortunately, more than half of Americans will end up missing out on these great credit bargains because of their low or sub-par credit scores. Complete Auto Loans is one of the only lenders in the nation that extends credit to borrowers without basing their lending decisions on credit score, but borrowers who want to compare rates with other lenders will first need to get their credit back in shape.

The five steps on Complete Auto Loans’ credit repair guide include advice that alternates between common sense and innovative. CAL recommends that borrowers reduce their overall debt loads by paying off loans early. But they also recommend that borrowers open up additional lines of credit that they choose not to utilize, leaving credit cards open without any balance in order to naturally reduce their credit utilization ratio.

Complete Auto Loans has released dozens of guides for low-credit borrowers in the last few years, and the free credit repair guide has been much anticipated by CAL’s clients all over the Pacific Northwest. With interest rates expected to rise over the next few years, buyers should take advantage of record low interest rates to find a low-interest auto loan today.

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