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/PRNewswire-iReach/ — is a borrower advice website that provides detailed insights into the mortgage industry in a fun and entertaining way. The team at is devoted to help empower both first time and experienced homeowners with valuable resources, first-class knowledge and connections to top-rated industry professionals and has the mission of helping consumers and borrowers to obtain the latest information on mortgage lending trends, the real estate market and the U.S. financial landscape in order to help them obtain a home loan that they will love. Loan Love understands their readers and their credit woes they may have. Readers are now offered a few expert credit repair tips in a brand new Loan Love article. The article, “Fast Credit Repair (Pipe Dream Or Reality)” indicates the few areas a customer should be aware of when repairing credit.

As most know, having bad credit is never a good idea; Having poor credit can and does often result in a loan borrower paying tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars through extra interest during the time span of a home loan. Factor in other payments like car loans, credit cards, and insurance and loan borrowers can face accumulating heavy fees and being in bad credit over a long period of time. What’s worse is that bad credit can prevent a loan borrower from acquiring a job.

The Loan Love article reaffirms that slow credit repair does not always have to be the case. “Contrary to popular belief, credit repair does NOT have to take months or even years to produce results. With a little know-how, fast credit repair is definitely possible” the article says. Keeping your credit out of the red zone can be a life-long responsibility, but the credit score of a loan borrower can improved in a number ways. A few factors that can determine the final score of credit are:


  • Checking account balances. For loan borrowers to be in a safe spot, borrowers should typically have balances on each of their accounts to equal no more than 20% of the credit limit for that account. For example, for an account with a $1,000 limit, it would be ideal for a borrower to want to owe no more than $200.
  • Don’t cancel old credit lines. As the article reads, “Turns out that wine and cheese aren’t the only things that improve with age: Your credit does, too. Each credit line you have contributes to the age of your accounts, and the older your account age, the better you’ll look to creditors, so avoid cancelling existing lines – especially the older ones.”
  • Ditch the idea of taking out more new credit than needed. Adding more credit lines will decrease an account’s overall age, and will make loan borrowers look reckless with an account in the eyes of loan lenders.
  • Last, always check the payment history. “True, the longer you pay on time, the better it looks. But even a few months of on-time payments can improve your score big time.”

So of course, while credit can be repaired over the course time, Loan Love urges readers to take steps to repairing credit now than waiting it out. Also, showing responsible behavior can effectively prove to loan lenders that you can be relied on. As a last reminder, Loan Love gives the following statement: “How to get started? It’s actually pretty simple: To jump-start the credit repair process, contact a credit repair company like for an initial consultation. In addition to helping you establish an actionable plan to improve your credit, they’ll even give you a free credit score and credit report summary so you have the most accurate picture of where you stand.”

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