Credit Score Needed For Best Buy Card..Pro vs Con

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The Best Buy® Credit Card is serviced by HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A., for Best Buy® customers. Cardholder benefits may include special finance offers, points towards the Reward Zone® program, and online account management. Credit cards can be used online or in stores nationwide and for select countries worldwide.

Established in 1966, Best Buy® is a retailer of technology and entertainment products with operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, China, and Mexico. Technology products offered include a wide span of computers, telephones, and much more. Best Buy® is popularly know for their “Geek Squad” commercials that promote their specialized services for customers.

What some forums & discussions are saying.

My wife has this card.  was shocked.  they asked how much she wanted she said 1500 they gave 1500.   Score probably in the mid to lower 600 hundreds.  it was when things were real tight.   Hsbc.  go figure.  On another note.   I have the best buy master card for 6 years now.  Same 400 dollar limit from when I opened it.  Denied credit limit increases all the time.  I have fico scores in the mid to low 700s.     F*** hsbc.   Now my credit is good enough to get interest free from place that have better deals then best buy.  I will be having my wife close her two hsbc accounts this month.  BB and hsbc can take a dive if you know what I mean.

Comment #2

When i applyed for card it had a 0 annual rate and when I recived the card it came back with a 59.00 dollar annual rate. I canceled the same day I printed the information and I did call House hold Bank Best Buy credit card and the 59.00 was to be taken off. but they never took it off. and I don’t owe any thing! I have never used the card… This is a bad credit card they offer a 0 annual rate and when you print out the credit card they tack on a 59.00 dollar annual rate. that wasn’t there to begin with..

Comment #3

This card is not worth applying for. I originally applied through the Best Buy Store financing site to purchase a TV but was approved for this card instead. They gave me a $300 CL. This was 11/2010. I thought this morning I would call and see if I could get a CL increase to boost my fico scores. My scores now are EQ697, EX702 and TU714 with 29% CC utilization rate. They would only give me a 200.00 increase.

I question why due to my good credit and was told they are trying to help people rebuild their credit. They makes no sense at all. They should give higher limits if they wish their good customers to use the card. I only use right now to make small purchases and pay off each month, but with a CL of $500 what are you really going to buy?

Comment #4

I’ve had this card for 2 years now.  The website is easy enough to use, and the rewards are nice, but my credit limit has been the same since I’ve gotten it…only $100.  My credit score is in the low/mid-700s, and I’ve been denied 2 or 3 times.  I just use it for gas now, because it doesn’t make sense to cancel an account (thus hurting my credit score), but it’s definitely not really worth it.


Unless you’re trying to rebuild your credit..PASS!  The key to getting almost any card you want is to have a superior credit score.  Learn to get a good credit score from a long time practitioner of the credit repair industry.

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