Running Up The Credit Score, Increase Your Score In 1 to 2 Days..?!

Running up the credit score

by Karen Haywood Queen

Published June 06, 2012

Valerie Howard of Nashville started planning her financial life at age 14. Now, at age 22, she has two credit cards, a car, a house, a healthy 401(k), and a good credit score.

A good credit score is something you may not think about — until you need it to get the best credit card, buy your first car, buy a house or condo or even get a job. Then it’s critical.

Young people often have more disposable income than their mortgage-bound baby boomer parents, but they often lack financial independence. When you go to get that first loan, you may feel like it’s a Catch-22 — you need to have credit to get credit.

“Typically people will decide, ‘Hey, I want to put a down payment on a home. I want a car loan.’ That’s when they realize ‘I have no credit history,'” says Robert Schmansky, CFP, of Clear Financial Advisors in Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

Ideally, you would have started building credit at age 16, as did Valerie Howard, a recent college graduate who already has her dream job. But whether you’re 16, 26 or even older, you can start from zero and build a good credit score. Here are five ways to run up a good credit score.

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How can I increase my credit score in 1 to 2 days?


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