Taking Action: Handling Debt Collector Threats

Taking Action: Handling Debt Collector Threats

Generally, debt collectors are prohibited by law to threaten delinquent debtors with anything that they cannot legally do. They cannot threaten you to take your house unless they hold a mortgage on your home, they cannot threaten you with harsh language, intimidation tactics, name calling or freeze your bank account.

If you feel that your debt collector has crossed the line, you need to keep a good record of any and all threats made. Every interaction, conversation, phone calls must be documented. If you are in a position wherein you cannot take notes of any conversation with your debt agent, it’s best to not answer the call or engage in the conversation.

When to Consult an Attorney

If you got served with a court summons, it is recommended that you seek the counsel of an attorney. Ignoring the summons will not make the problem go away. If you fail o respond to the summons on time, your creditor will be granted default judgment, which will allow them to legally garnish your wages or levy your bank account. An attorney can help guide you on how to handle the lawsuit and respond correctly. Additionally, you need to familiarize yourself with local court rules and get as much information as you about defending yourself Pro Se in court.

Stop the Harassment

You have the right to stop the harassment from a third-party debt agent at any time you choose. You need to create a Cease and Desist letter, indicating that you no longer wish to be contacted about your debt. The collector can send you one more letter to let you know what their game plan is and that’s about it. However, do note that you might be contacted for the same debt by a new debt collector assigned to your case.

The fact is, thousands of debtors fall victim to aggressive collection efforts applied by debt collectors who want to shame or intimate them into paying up. The question is, will you let them get away with it? Will you let junk debt buyers or debt collectors step on your rights? You need to stand up for yourself and stop the madness. Don’t let your debt collector bully you into paying. Learn how to fight for your rights and turn the tables around!

Credit card debt collectors are notorious for unethical practices and aggressive collection efforts. Don’t just let them get away with using scare tactics to get what they want. You need to set aside your fears and fight for your rights to win your case.

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