Top Credit Repair Myths | Birmingham, AL

Although this blog was created to assist people with bill collector harassment, ideally the main goal is to stop harassment AND repair your credit at the same time. First I’d like to address a couple of credit repair myths: The credit bureaus will tell you that credit repair companies are a waste of money and can’t do anything to repair your credit that you can’t do yourself. That’s the first lie. They will also tell you that only inaccurate information can be disputed and removed from a credit report. That’s the second lie.

Let’s start with lie #1: It’s true that you can dispute “some” credit report information yourself and may even be successful if there’s only one or two items that need to be removed; however, if there are multiple items as in 10 or more like the majority of people with bad credit, then trust me, you’re going to need help. Another way of looking at it is that you can wash your own car but most would rather pay someone else to do it and get all the extras like vacuuming, air freshener and tire dressing. It’s just a better use of your time.

Now let’s address lie #2: Despite what you may have heard…accurate information can be disputed and removed from credit reports. I’ve done it myself, but like I said, your time would be better spent letting a professional handle your credit repair needs. If you’d like to know who I currently use and highly recommend, please send me a “private” message and I will respond with the company name, price and contact information!

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